In one sentence … like someone said one time … “Hard to impress – easy to satisfy”.

boho festival 055

boho festival 054

Woman of thousands professions … starting from health educator and pharmacy technician, through being a mother, makeup artist and bridal hair stylist. Like most of MUA – it might be boring – loving creative work with colored cosmetics since she was 3 years old and used to pilfer kilos of lipsticks, eyeshadows from her mother and put makeup on her friends. Amazed by everything that goes with art and creativity.

She loves to make people faces more beautiful. There’s no deffinition of bridal makeup, red carpet makeup, go to makeup. Everybody is different and one person feels comfortable with heavy dark makeup and simple hair-style for her wedding day, another with ‘makeup no makeup’ and lots of curls. She takes everyone on very individual basis. The most important thing for her is to make every client happy, comfortable with her/his makeup look or hair-style…no matter what!

If you have any questions please contact!

More info soon…



FB: BaWs Mua

Twitter & Instagram: Baws Makeup




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